Monica B., Los Angeles, California, USA


The Yummy Walker Barcelona tour is absolutely stunning. They generally cater the trip to your interests, so you are bound to love it no matter what. Nonetheless, there are various staples that will always be included, like food (so much food) and famous Barcelona sites. The city is by far one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been to, and there’s art everywhere. The Yummy Walker team does an excellent job of not just showing you the sites, but also helping you immerse yourself into the city, and the art and artists it has become so well known for. The hikes are lovely, but the real highlight was the two delightful guides, Luca and Marco. They are very friendly, easy going, and quite knowledgeable of the city. They took us to amazing restaurants, and constantly made sure everyone was happy and comfortable. They even picked up some pain relievers for me when I had a headache, so I wouldn’t have to miss the various sites tracking down medicine. While the days are super packed, it was easy to go off on your own and enjoy something separately and meet back up with the group later if you wanted to do something on your own, or go at your own pace.

I absolutely recommend taking this trip! Barcelona is one of the most fun and interesting cities I have visited in Europe, and I was so glad to have the Yummy Walker team to help me make the most of my time there.