Alan S. and Kim W., UK


If you enjoy stepping back into history by wandering through mazes of medina streets, trekking in the fresh alpine trails of the Rif mountain range, tasting incredible spice combinations made in traditional tagines, listening to the musicality of a mix of the Moroccan Arabic, Spanish and Berber languages, and seeing gorgeous tiles, paint colours, and graceful symmetrical architecture everywhere you look, then this Blue Morocco Hiking Tour is for you. Our tour was in October, so we were prepared for all weather eventualities, and encountered all the seasons, sometimes in one day. Both Luca and Marco were attentive, patient, and informative, and both seemed as charmed by the places we visited as we were. Food was plentiful and delicious, even catering to my gluten free requirements. This tour is definitely off the beaten path, and full of colourful wonders. Highly recommended.