Victoria & Ken R. – New Zealand


We recently travelled through Andalucía with Marco and enjoyed every minute of it. The temperatures and crowds weren’t too oppressive, and where we travelled to, and who with, made it all more enjoyable. Places from small hilltop villages and cafes built into rocks, to historic back streets and alleys of the larger towns, or just sitting in a public square eating with the noise of the locals and antics of the children.

The food was as varied and impressive with local specialities and the tapas being hard to choose from. We soon found something new every meal, and with Marco’s encouragement, ordering in Spanish and then understanding what we were asking for became better as the tour progressed.

Marco is very fit and walking for him anywhere was not a problem. I am definitely not as fit (with short legs) but Marco moderated the pace. This was great as you didn’t feel like you were holding others up. The pace of the tour also gave us plenty of free time to explore further and with Marco’s suggestions we were able to experience more than we would on our own, be it culturally, historically or of course gastronomically.

We both found Marco’s company fun.  He has an air of casualness which made you feel that he was comfortable and enjoyed what he was doing and where we were going. Nothing was ever a problem (including visiting dolmens) and anything he was unable to explain he didn’t hesitate in finding someone that could.

Marco made this a wonderful experience which we would definitely do again.